OVN committers are the people who have been granted access to push changes to the OVN git repository.

The responsibilities of an OVN committer are documented here: Expectations for Developers with OVN Repo Access.

The process for adding or removing committers is documented here: OVN Committer Grant/Revocation Policy.

This is the current list of active OVN committers:

OVN Maintainers



Dumitru Ceara

Gurucharan Shetty

Han Zhou

Justin Pettit

Leonid Ryzhyk

Mark Michelson

Numan Siddique

The project also maintains a list of Emeritus Committers (or Maintainers). More information about Emeritus Committers can be found here: Emeritus Status for OVN Committers.

OVN Emeritus Maintainers



Ben Pfaff

Russell Bryant