Fedora, RHEL 7.x+ Packaging for OVN

This document provides instructions for building and installing OVN RPM packages on a Fedora Linux host. Instructions for the installation of OVN Fedora Linux host without using RPM packages can be found in the OVN on Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

These instructions have been tested with Fedora 29 and 30, and are also applicable for RHEL 7.x and its derivatives, including CentOS 7.x and Scientific Linux 7.x.

Build Requirements

You will need to install all required packages to build the RPMs. Newer distributions use dnf but if it’s not available, then use yum instructions.

The command below will install RPM tools and generic build dependencies. And (optionally) include these packages: libcap-ng libcap-ng-devel.


$ dnf install @'Development Tools' rpm-build dnf-plugins-core


$ yum install @'Development Tools' rpm-build yum-utils

Then it is necessary to install OVN specific build dependencies. The dependencies are listed in the SPEC file, but first it is necessary to replace the VERSION tag to be a valid SPEC.

The command below will create a temporary SPEC file:

$ sed -e 's/@VERSION@/0.0.1/' rhel/ovn-fedora.spec.in \
  > /tmp/ovn.spec

And to install specific dependencies, use the corresponding tool below. For some of the dependencies on RHEL you may need to add two additional repositories to help yum-builddep, e.g.:

$ subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-extras-rpms
$ subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-optional-rpms


$ dnf builddep /tmp/ovn.spec


$ yum-builddep /tmp/ovn.spec

Once that is completed, remove the file /tmp/ovn.spec.


Refer to Bootstrapping.


Refer to Configuring.



To build OVN RPMs, first generate openvswitch source tarball in your openvwitch source directory by running

$make dist

And then execute the following in the OVN source directory (in which ./configure was executed):

$ make rpm-fedora

This will create the RPMs ovn, ovn-central, ovn-host, ovn-vtep, ovn-docker, ovn-debuginfo, ovn-central-debuginfo, ovn-host-debuginfo and `ovn-vtep-debuginfo`.

You can also have the above commands automatically run the OVN unit tests. This can take several minutes.

$ make rpm-fedora RPMBUILD_OPT="--with check"


RPM packages can be installed by using the command rpm -i. Package installation requires superuser privileges.

Reporting Bugs

Report problems to bugs@openvswitch.org.